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Saw blade 216

Comment: I have now been testing for a month and in different materials in different thicknesses. Have not experienced any problems at all. Best blade I have tested? Time will tell


Good blade that works for most things

Good customer experience

Very good customer experience and a very fast delivery. Super satisfied

These are to be trusted👍

Fast delivery and highest quality

Nice 👍

Absolutely great quality!!!

Worked beyond expectations on nails


Good quality.
Extremely fast delivery. That's how it should be!

165mm | 24, 42 teeth | 2 parts | Saw blade

high quality

Really helped me with my project. Of course i always want them to last even longer but im happy enough

Saw blade 216 64t

My husband installed it with his Bosch table saw. He said it was like cutting butter. Super fine cuts. He was ecstatic hehe.

Saw blade

It did its job... =)

Good blades at a good price

I am very happy with this blade

Bought this blade 165mm 42 Teeth Allround/Finish | Saw blade for my Milwaukee circular saw and gives nice fast cuts. Appreciate it guys

I haven't had time to try them yet. Buy looks promising

Works great.

I haven't cut much, what I have cut has worked very well. Waiting with five stars until I see the longevity of this blade.

216mm | 64 teeth | Fine cut quality | Saw blade

Super good delivery! So far ive worked with "lighter" materials and it saws through very easily. Soon I will test it on oak and more which is harder and then we will see how it works.
So far very satisfied.

Very satisfied

Fast delivery and gives really clean cuts. Haven't had it long enough to say how well it stays sharp but is like new after 15-20 cuts so far.

Fast service and good quality blade

Neat for protection/storage

I bought this to ensure the sharpness of the blades is well kept. And that the blades are not loose in the box together with my multi-tool machine.

Fast shippping. And the best multi tool blades I have tried so far. I will try some different models soon.