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Introducing Carpenters Choice from Nezdal®, containing 25 jig saw blades, put together to tackle a wide variety of areas and materials a carpenter meets in the daily work.

What´s included:


Wood & Metal | General Purpose | 5X Life | 5 pcs:
A great allrounder from Nezdal® delivering up to 5X cutting life in in a wide range of materials such as clean wood, nail-embedded wood, metal (5-10mm), PVC and plastics.

Wood | Fast Cuts | 5X Life | 5 pcs:

Premium jig saw blade from Nezdal® delivering maximum cutting speed in wood applications, such as softwood, hardwood, OSB, chipboard, particle board, plywood and construction wood.


Wood | Fine Top Finish | Straight Cuts | Reverse Teeth | 5X Life | 5 pcs:
Premium jig saw blade from Nezdal® delivering fine top finishes and long life in materials such as hardwood, softwood, MDF, particle board, plywood, melamine, laminated panels, kitchen tops and worktops.

Metal, Plastics, Aluminium | Progressive | 5X Life | 5 pcs
Premium jig saw blade from Nezdal® delivering great durability and superior cutting life in thin to thick sheet metals (1,5mm to 10mm), pipes & profiles in plastic and aluminium (diameter <30mm) and stainless steel (1,5mm to 3mm).

Laminate Flooring | High durability | 5X Life | 5 pcs:
Premium jig saw blade from Nezdal® delivering 5X life and fast cutting in laminate flooring and other flooring applications. The top surface of laminate flooring made of aluminium oxide poses a great challenge for saw blades, and dull them quickly. With this jig saw blade we solve this problem.

Universal T-shank design fits most jig saws on the market, and also most U-shank jig saws.


Material thickness


Type of cuts
  • Straight
Tooth design

BiM | Bi-Metal


Universal T-Shank

Pack quantity

25 pcs

Area of use
  • Wood

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