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Carpenters Choice | Wood & Metal | Starlock® | 5 pcs

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Carpenters` Choice covers the vast majority of applications for a carpenter, such as wood, nails, drywall, plastics, aluminum, copper, pipes, profiles, metal, stainless steel, screws, fiber cement, bricks, and more.


What's Included:


Wood & Nails | 28x55mm | Starlock® | 2 pcs:
A 55mm cutting depth provides easy cutting through 2-inch wood, and a 28mm cutting width provides high precision cuts.

Wood & Nails | 35x50mm | Starlock® | 2 pcs:
A 50mm cutting depth provides easy cutting through 2-inch wood, and a 35mm cutting width provides high precision cuts.

Pitbull | 30X Life | 35x45mm | Starlock® | 1 pcs:
Pitbull Metal is constructed with RiCo Carbide® to deliver up to 30X longer life across a wide range of materials. This includes metal, stainless steel, hardened screws, fiber cement, brick, and more.


• Grizzly BIM® Durability: Ultra-hardened bi-metal tooth edge provides up to 5X life compared to standard HCS blades.

• Pitbull® Carbide Performance:
Offers up to 30X longer life compared to standard bi-metal blades. This is achieved through Pitbull RiCo® carbide, which provides an extremely hard tooth edge capable of withstanding the highest temperatures without tooth breakage.

• Industrial Coating: The saw blade is also covered by state-of-the-art industrial coating that keeps the blade cooler and provides a more efficient cut.

• EU Made: Produced in Germany from premium raw materials and the best of manufacturing technology.

    This multi-tool blade has perfect compatibility with Bosch, Fein, Festool and other oscillating tools on the following systems:

    • Starlock
    • Starlock Plus
    • Starlock Max
    • OIS/OIS12
    • Multi-Mount

    See complete compatibility chart in image gallery above.


    Cut width

    28mm, 35mm, 35mm

    Cut depth

    55mm, 50mm, 45mm

    Tooth design

    Bi-Metal, Carbide



    Pack quantity

    5 pcs

    Area of use

    • Nail-Embedded Wood, Drywall, Plastics
    • Metal

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